Infants and Toddlers Rates

Full time rates starting as low as $200 per/wk. All rates include meals/snacks (with exception of baby formula). 

Child Care

Child care is $250.00 per week for infants from 6 weeks through 2 years-old;  and $200.00 per week for toddlers 3 to 5 years old. 

Drop-in are welcomed, Hourly rate is $20.00. 5 hours for $55.00. 9 hours for $90.00. 

Before a child is admitted for care into Medea’s House of Play, the provider must receive all required paperwork. We will not assume care of your child(ren) if necessary paperwork, fees, and supplies are not received. All information will be kept confidential and is for our records only. Below is a checklist of necessary paperwork and supplies you will need to bring with your child on his first day.

Two Week Trial Agreement Form
Admission Information Form
Discipline & Guidance Form
Immunization Record
Parent-Provider Agreement 
The last page of Parent Handbook signed
State Photo  ID

Registration Fee ($50.00)
Supply Fee ($45.00)
1 Week of Tuition

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